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Portable Mobile Phone Projector

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Note: the insert size of the mobile phone is not more than 16*8 centimeter 

 DIY smart phone projector has been upgraded to the second generation. Compared with the previous generation, the color matching is more fashionable. The first generation of assembly is complex, and the second generation is simpler.

 SmartPhone Projector is a homemade cell phone micro projector. 

 You can project videos / movies on your phone onto the wall and provide an eight-fold magnification of the image, making it a small home theater.

 SmartPhone Projector 2.0 products include no-installation projector box, zoom lens and some other accessories, easy to assemble.

 Be careful: 

 1) The product is first positioned as an entertainment device, just a simple projection device toys, no value of thousands of projector effect is good. Do not like the analogy, very mind the painter carefully pat; 

 2) projection is better in white walls, and the darker the indoor environment, the better the effect. At first, you will feel that the picture is dark, so you need to have a time to adapt. 

 3) video with subtitles can not be displayed on the caption, and is displayed in reverse direction.

 Usage method: 

 When you use it, put iPhone or Android smart phone in it and put it on. According to the principle of magnifying glass, imaging is inverse, not a quality problem, but it can be adjusted according to circumstances. 

 1) if the image is upside down, flip the phone directly.

 2) If the graphics are reversed from side to side: (a) Android phones can download "ultimate rotaion control" software from "google play" to control the image reversal. (b) The iPhone can be adjusted by "settings" - - "general" - - "auxiliary" - - "assistive Touch" - - device - - rotation - - left horizontal / right horizontal. (there is a description in the box)